Let's talk packaging.

December 3, 2020

Our packaging is now plastic-free!

TLDR: We now use paper padded envelopes, tissue paper, paper washi tape, and card - majority comes from recycled sources, all of which is recyclable. Our cellos always have been 100% biodegradable - made in the UK from corn and potato starch.

This is one of those geeky things that most people would say we've spent too long thinking about - but it's important to us, so we see it as time well spent.

You can split our packaging into two parts; product packaging and postage packaging.

What we were already doing.

We are happy with our product packaging, as it's always been sustainable. Our backing card is made from 100% recycled card (which can be recycled again). And the cello bag is made in the UK from a mixture of corn and potato starch (it's 100% biodegradable and suitable for home-composting).

What's changed?

We used to use plastic padded-envelopes - they were navy and looked great. But, even though we encouraged people to reuse the envelope, we felt guilty for using a plastic product that most likely went into landfill.

Don't get us wrong; plastic is a fantastic material - when it's respected, used, and disposed of properly. But the thing is, there's just way too much of it around.

That's why we're now using Jiffy Green envelopes - made from 100% paper, they look good and offer protection, and the best news - the whole thing is recyclable!

We've also moved away from plastic tape to paper washi tape. And when we need some extra protection, we use tissue paper.

It’s been a case of phasing out what plastic products we already had - and now we’re in a position to switch. We're not saying we've got it perfect - there's always more we can do. But we're proud of our progress, and it's a step in the right direction.

Matt & Lloyd.